What is There to Play With?

Toys for little babies need to be larger than the baby’s mouth because they love to pop anythingBaby toys that is near into their mouths and there is the possibility of choking if toys are too small.

As little babies love to try the taste of everything that is within reach, keep toys germ free by washing regularly. Make sure then that their first playthings are easy to clean. Leaving toys in the sun for four hours does chase away the germs but soapy water is still one of the best cleaning products!

Squeaky toys, rattles, soft animals and small dolls, blocks, balls, chiming and laughing toys need to be easy to grasp and keep hold of.  Little fingers have the ability to grip very tightly.

Try stretching a row of toys across the stroller or cot. This is constantly entertaining as shiny bright colours will attract attention. Seeing them jiggle and hearing their sounds will focus their eyes, ears and hands.

Books with black and white designs and pictures are particularly interesting to very young babies. Magazines with pictures can be placed along the side of the bassinet or cot supported by the mattress. Large coloured pictures will attract their attention as they study colours which will intrigue them.

When baby is having some tummy time on the floor, she will enjoy looking up at different shapes and coloured toys.  Make sure that all of baby’s toys have no glued on parts such as ears or eyes as they can be pulled off and swallowed. And nothing with sharp edges of course.

When you leave the house, take a couple of baby’s toys with you so that he can play with them and not come in contact with germs in surroundings away from home.

As baby grows, keep some toys aside for another day so that they are a novelty when they are given to them. We all want happy babies!


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