Fans Of The Book

Fans of the Book

“Very impressed with your Parenting Book…’s full of good advice. I have spent my evenings over the last week reading various bits.” Father of one year old, Auckland


“You have done a great job with this Book. I am sure parents will find it very helpful. Good to get some helpful answers in such a user friendly book.” Fellow Plunket Nurse, Auckland.


“Thrilled to bits to receive this book. Feeling a bit isolated away from home with my first baby.” Kiwi mother in London.


“ Your Book for parents is fabulous. Will be reading it cover to cover.” Fellow Plunket colleague. Wellington.


“Your dedication has gone into creating this book for mothers of new babies and toddlers.Very well presented and easy to access answers to all the challenges of parenting.” Grandmother, New Plymouth.


“I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. Parents will love it. Problems that cause a mother to worry now have a quick an easy solution.”  Grandmother, Auckland