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‘Parents – Here’s Your Answer: A-Z Guide to Happy Parenting  for the Under Fives’


Always know where your baby or child is and what they are doing. Make your home, garden and driveway safe and be especially watchful when visiting other people’s homes.

Common reasons for accidents are:

  • Choking
  • Poisoning
  • Falls
  • Burns
  • Drowning



This is the term for reddened broken skin which tends to be dry forming a crusty surface. Sometimes it clears spontaneously or it may continue when it is due to an allergic reaction or food intolerance. See your doctor.


During the first three to four days, the baby has black stools, known as meconium. As the colour changes to mustard yellow, the frequency slows to at least three to four runny motions over twenty-four hours around four to six weeks of age.

Bottle fed babies have firmer motions but no bowel motion should be difficult for the baby to pass… (See more)


Breast milk may remain in a room for four hours as long as the temperature of the room is below 26.C. It is safe to leave the milk at the back of a fridge for 48 hours… (See more)


This is the first milk from the breasts. It is often noticed in the last three months of pregnancy as small drops from the nipple. After the birth of a baby, it is a yellow creamy colour and as the baby has her first suckling, she receives not only nutrients but also antibodies which protect against many diseases… (See more)


Consequences teach responsibility by giving a child a choice. They learn this well after two years of age. This will help your household run more smoothly and children enjoy the independence of making their own decisions.

A consequence of not eating a meal for example is that later they will feel hungry… (See more)


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